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A Declaration of the Faithful: What We Catholic Parents Teach & What We Learn From Our Families

In this Declaration we make clear and affirm the necessity of the co-equal role of the faithful in forming Catholic Church teachings. We note that the second session of the Vatican Synod on the Family will convene in October 2015 and that contributions have been asked from all levels of the Church: bishops, priests, and all the faithful who identify with the Catholic faith tradition and who are looking to bring reconciliation to the entire Church. In this contribution we draw on scripture, tradition, and, in particular, the lived experience of the faithful; we believe when the inputs below are fully deliberated, reconciliation on the disputed issues discussed below can follow.

I. The role of the faithful in determining Catholic Church teachings: History and tradition show that the Holy Spirit gives moral and theological insight as much to the faithful as to bishops and popes. For example: when the Canaanite woman revealed to Jesus the fullness of his ministry [Mat. 15: 21-29]; when St. Paul reprimanded St. Peter prior to the First Council of Jerusalem; when in the fourth century the witness of the faithful enabled the Councils of Nicaea I and Constantinople II to come to the correct definition of the Holy Trinity; when St. Catherine of Sienna admonished Pope Gregory XI to return to Rome; when Martin Luther advocated Mass in local languages; when lay Catholics helped the Church recognize that not all lending of money for interest [usury] was sinful; when Galileo published the discovery that the Earth orbits the Sun despite threats of torture to force him to remain silent; and when Catholics fought in the American Civil War for the freedom of slaves at the same time that official (RC) Roman Catholic (RC) Church teachings accepted slavery. Until rectified some of these "teachings" caused enormous and unnecessary suffering.

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A Letter of Inquiry
Concerning the Ecumenical Catholic Communion

Bishop Hickman: My name is Claire, and I am a sophomore in high school. I recently stumbled upon your website and was immediately intrigued. I first sent this email to your associate pastor, but he never replied. I have never heard of the Ecumenical Catholic Communion, so, as you probably understand, I have a few questions. Please note that I do not intend for any of these questions to imply disrespect. I am on a sincere search for the truth, and your answers will provide a great deal of information for me. Thank you in advance.

1) I understand your church derived from the Old Catholic movement who denounced the first Vatican council's declaration of papal infallibility and the primacy of papal jurisdiction. Why do you use the second Vatican council's translation of the mass into native language, when you do not accept the first Vatican council's teachings? Also, I saw in your videos that you use the Roman missal, but not the new Roman missal translation. Why is that?

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Holy Synod 2014

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Synod 2014 Photos

The ECC elects next Presiding Bishop

Bp. Francis The Ecumenical Catholic Communion (ECC) elected Rev. Frank Krebs as its next Presiding Bishop on October 8, 2014 at its Synod in Aurora, CO. The election required a two-thirds vote of the delegates of the House of Laity and the House of Pastors. He was elected on the first ballot. He was then consecrated a bishop on Friday, October 10, 2014 during the Communion Synod. He will serve as Co-Adjutor until September, 2015, when our current Presiding Bishop, Peter Hickman, completes his term. At that point Bishop Francis will be installed as Presiding Bishop.

Bishop Francis currently serves as pastor of Sts. Clare & Francis community in St. Louis, and has previously served the Communion as Vicar of the Midwest Region and President of the House of Pastors.

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Published on Oct 10, 2014
Ordination/Consecration of
Bishop Francis

ECC Video

Bishop Francis Krebs'
Christmas Message, 2014.
Published on Dec 23, 2014

Bishop Francis Krebs'
Easter Message, 2015.


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